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簽約AWCCA網站建設發布者:本站     時間:2019-01-28 16:01:49

上海網站建設公司與2015年12月29號上??泼幱冒b材料網站改版雙語語言版本 專注網站建設 和SEO服務。我們凝聚了一批行業類年輕、有活力的成員。他們在各自的陣地上有著出色的表現以及豐富的實戰經驗,成員是設計界的精英,資深優化師,受過高等的藝術深造,經過多重工作實戰磨練。并擁有與各國內外各大企業的成功合作經驗。我們的實力和配合絕對可以勝任任何有具有挑戰性的設計工作
In 2012,The Asian Wire & Cable Industry Cooperation Alliance (AWCCA) was founded in Shanghai, AWCCA constitute by representatives of wire and cable industry associations or social organizations from different countries (or regions) just as China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam. Mr Weidong- The Chairman of Electrical Cable & Wire Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association served as chairman of this presidium.(2012-2014) AWCCA aims to: promote communication among wire & cable industry associations, relevant trade & professional groups and organizations as well as wire & cable manufacturing enterprises in the Asian region in order to improve the production technologies of the Asian wire & cable enterprises, to learn from and share success stories and best practices within the region, to offer timely feedback and information sharing regarding advanced technologies, to improve product standards and specifications within the wire & cable industry and share investment information among member states (parties).